July Hand-Lettering Challenge

What I’ve learned about habit forming:

1.  A new habit performed for 30 straight day is not one that our brains and muscles can easily ignore.

[ Coincidentally, we’re in the month of Ramadhan, which is the ultimate (and annual) 30-day challenge, and when done properly and genuinely, can be life-changing for so many. ]

2.  Progress is the ultimate highBeing able to track it for yourself as well as sharing it with others is fulfilling and refuels your motivation to do more.

3.  Showing up is often the most important step.

What I’ve learned about hand-lettering:

1.  I used to think that beautiful lettering flew out of a calligrapher’s nib.  I have learned that thankfully this is not the case.  There are a lot of pencil marks and erasing involved.

2.  I am able to do more than I once gave myself credit for.  And this is why we do anything that is hard.

3.  I have a go-to style – which I will always love and which makes me happy.  However, for the purposes of this humble personal apprenticeship, I must try my hand at as many different styles as possible.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been indulging in a couple of online courses of late, from radiology to drawing to hand-lettering.  The latter in particular has a 30-day Instagram challenge involved, providing me with that extra kick up the rear to show up with pen and paper and produce something, whether good or bad.

I started dabbling in June, but now it’s time for July.  The prompts are in:

static1.squarespace.com           As a way to make sure that I’m not slacking off, I’ll be sharing my weekly entries on the blog.  Here goes!



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