Week 1 in Lettering

Day 1 : #blast

blastsunshine         What better way to start a day, a month, a challenge, than with a blast of sunshine.  Although my favorite cursive style featured in the ‘a’ at the start, I endeavoured to make the rest of the swirly letters just a little bit different.  I’m enjoying the tall blocks of BLAST, too, so perhaps I’ll use that style a bit more in the future.






Day 2 : #clear

clearnight          I wanted to tie in with the splendid celestial phenomenon happening at the moment – the close approximation between Venus and Jupiter in our night skies.  I started noticing their alignment – 2 bright planets and a star in a straight arrow – about a week ago, and every night they inched closer together.

          By the end of June, they were so close to each other that it would seem from our earthly eyes that they were feeding off each other as a double star.  Mashallah!




Day 3 : #talent

talent          Today is my birthday!!  Let’s try and make this connection as roundabout as we possibly can:

             I turn 33, which is pretty special, considering my idol growing up was Scottie Pippen who wore the number 33 jersery when he played for the Chicago Bulls.  I even tried sketching Pip for the occasion, but my talents fell short and he looked somewhat Chinese.  HOWEVER, his talent and hardwork were what made him such an awesome part of my childhood inspiration, and hence … today’s lettering entry.

                Yes, I know, that was pretty random.

PS The styling of the word TALENT was inspired by a tutorial by Joanne Fink – Sakura.

Day 4 : #revolution


I wanted to try 2 things: negative space lettering, and kerning like crazy.  Then I threw in a gentle attempt at the colours of the Cuban flag in the background to honor a brave and rousing revolution.

Day 5 : #forever



          Today we went to Mount Coot-tha, the highest point in Brisbane, Australia.  It’s a popular lookout summit that for some reason we had never visited before.  At the base is an extensive botanical garden through which we walked very, very slowly as I am 9 months pregnant and reaalllly feeling it.  Thankfully I was holding the camera and was able to use the excuse of taking my time to photograph some beautiful flowers, which I attempted to sketch when we got home later in the day.

          I worked through this piece in stages, as it was all new to me.  Sketching flowers in detail, tracing them in ink (scary!) and then adding paint (scarier!).  I looked online for a few pointers and my favourite tutorials were by Alphonso Dunn, so, thanks :)

Day 6 : #adore



Maternity leave makes you do strange things.  Like bake heart-shaped scones.  With lots of butter.

Day 7 : #believe



             Do you not love this song?

          I’m still trying to get my ‘totem’ lettering designs to come together cohesively while I try out several different lettering styles.  The first line is a font called Golden Dust, the 4th is Florabella while the last is Old Sacramento (thanks Pinterest!).  In between were just made up styles (ok, the second last line was just me writing) and I had lots of fun sketching mountain-ish features into the word just to try something new.  :)


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